TeamManager Pro™

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The complete professional sports team business and squad management solution

  • Quick generation of executive reports at the touch of a button.
  • Cut administration overheads in terms of time and money.
  • Complete squad management capability.
  • Uses a central data source avoiding staff confusion.
  • Secure web-based access 24 hours a day.
  • Get more from your staff as they work more efficiently.
  • Capable of supporting any professional team sport.

TeamManager Pro™ is a powerful web based application that is designed to provide a unique all-in-one solution for all aspects of managing successful professional sports teams, from the boardroom to the back office and all the way to the dugout.

Generally speaking the highest area of expenditure in professional sports is the employment of players, coaching and support staff. Registration and compliance to governing and statutory bodies is critical and failure to fulfil statutory administration can result in significant penalties. The demands upon the staff of professional teams to accurately and efficiently administer this, as well as all other areas of operation, continues to be a high priority.

Create an employee record, produce a physical contract and update both financial and management reports in less than ten minutes.

Many top organisations have become so reliant upon a spreadsheet culture, which administratively is costly and time consuming to maintain. In addition to this these individualistic records are not always accessible by the wider organisation.

TeamManager Pro™ provides a full suite of tools, all using the same centralised data source, that bring immediate benefits to any professional sports team by streamlining administrative processes, therefore providing great savings in time efficiency from the back office to the executive board. To deal with the continuing financial pressures that professional sport faces, it is vitally important to maximise resources and TeamManager Pro™ does just that.

We see TeamManager Pro™ as an organic product that offers our clients what is in effect a bespoke solution, customised to fit their needs as much as possible. Our vision is not to simply sell you something off-the-shelf but we aim to establish a working partnership that will provide logical solutions to support the administration of your organisation.

The only fully integrated sports administration system enabling dynamic reporting on budget movement and squad cover.

TeamManager Pro™ is a solution that ensures that our clients maintain total ownership and control of what many would consider the most critical and sensitive information of their organisation and therefore ensures continuity regardless of changes in personnel.

As a web-based solution, TeamManager Pro™ any information in the system is accessible globally 24/7 to support strategic decision making by executive members of the organisation. Not only that, it is protected by encrypted multi-level secure access, ensuring that only authorised personnel can access the relevant areas of the system, meaning your sensitive data is safe and secure.

The system has been built to provide Administration, Financial and Team Management support, all the way up to the Executive Board, via a secure multi-level application that assists in the processing of critical information.

Team Manager Pro AdministrationAdministration

  • HRPersonnel Data
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Individual player and Squad registration

Capture personnel data relevant to every aspect of the recruitment processes and day to day administration in respect of travel arrangements. Providing key information to enable the generation of key documents, including Employment Contracts and registration submissions to governing bodies and competitions relevant to the organisation.

Team Manager Pro FinanceFinance

  • Payroll reporting
  • Department Cost Analysis
  • Budget management

In the challenging environment of sport, employment represents the highest proportion of costs to the organisation. The system will enable tracking of budgets to ensure that recruitment decisions can be incorporated within the business plan. The system will also provide relevant information to support the payroll processing.

Team Manager Pro Squad ManagementSquad Management

  • Squad and Staff Recruitment
  • Team Selection
  • Squad Development

The system will enable effective management of playing squad and staff to ensure that proactive decisions can be determined by the organisation to enable a balanced team with relevant cover and succession can be maintained at all times.

Team Manager Pro Executive BoardExecutive Board

  • Employment negotiations
  • AgentsRepresentative contacts
  • Dynamic Board Reporting

In the dynamic environment of sport it is vital that the Executive Board of the organisation have accurate up to the minute information to support key decisions. With 24/7 global access the system can support the executive whether in a Board meeting or negotiating a players’ contract in a foreign land.

Team Manager Pro CommercialCommercial

  • Customer Details
  • Commercial Agreements
  • Commercial Inventory

Manage all aspects of your commercial inventory including Sponsorships, advertising and hospitality. Produce commercial agreements that dynamically link to available inventory and update commercial sales forecasts.

Team Manager Pro Image RightsImage Rights

  • Image Agreements
  • EventAppearance scheduler
  • HMRC Audit Reports

The increasing use of Image Agreements within professional sport highlights the necessity for organisations to ensure that they have satisfactory systems in place to provide HMRC with clear audit evidence of use of respective Images. This fully integrated solution ensures that HMRC compliance is well maintained.

Example Features

These features are in the product out of the box. Once you sign up we sit down and discuss with you how it needs to be tailored to your requirements.

Data Input and Management

  • Full personal information including nationality passport number and national qualification
  • Employment Benefits:
    • Term of Contract
    • Annual Salary
    • Image Rights
    • Image Rights Company
    • Schedule of other Benefits
    • Schedule of Incentives
  • Agent/Representative Details and Fees
  • Registrations:
    • International Clearance
    • Governing Body Registration
    • Competitions squad registration
  • Match Day Team selection

Document Generation

  • Contract of Employment
  • Image Company Contract


  • Executive board related:
    • Bar Chart by Contract Years
    • Contract Renewal Notice
    • Individual Employee Report
    • Agent representation
  • Finance related:
    • Statutory Compliance (HMRC)
    • Budget Reports
    • Payroll Reports
  • Team management related:
    • Depth Chart by player position
    • Individual Player Efficiency Analysis
    • Match Team selection
    • Squad Travel Details

The above list is not exhaustive so if you cannot see something you need we will do our best to incorporate it within the programme.